Thursday, January 6, 2011

Any other victims of PMI scams?

Please post any experiences you might have had with PMI.


  1. Yes, I was stupid enough to fall for the PMI scam. It started when I saw the tv commercial selling the $20 CD and information to just get you started; thats all I wanted. So I never got the information but I did get a phone call with the guy trying to sign me up for the success team. I told him it wasnt for me at this point in time. So he called me back some time later asking the same stuff. I was feeling ambitious and wanted to create a business for one of my hobbies. Like many of you said, I was haggled for 1.5 hours then finally signed up. I was 22 years old, had 30k debt from school and was looking for something to help me out. They made it sound like they would guide you through the program and really do a lot of the work. Well what they conveyed to me and what was reality were not the same. I was sort of stunned to learn how much work was actually involved on my part. They made it sound like it would be easy. So I went with my business idea and created my business. What doesn't make sense is that they tell you to establish your business before they tell you to research if your business idea is any good or not! You dont have any idea about the demand and competition of your products and you haven't been told to contact drop-shippers to see if there are even any out there that would do business with you. Ive gotten this far in the education guide, which was 25% and I will NOT waste my time with the other 75% of this nonsense.

    The stories that I read of other people trying to cancel within the 3 day cancellation period and not being able to is plain evidence that this company is out for your money and will manipulate and do anything possible to get it. I put too much faith in the honesty of other people but this event has changed my view.

    I will be contacting the Utah BBB to get 75% of my money back. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  2. Matt I am exactly at the same point. Identical story. I had about 3 months of worthless coaching calls where they just wanted us to get off the line before never hearing from them again. 8,259.00 is what they got us for. Your cost is based on how much you can come up with through credit cards but EVERYONE is approved at some point.

  3. Please contact me if you feel you have been taken advantage of by a coaching company. I may be able to help.

  4. We are unfortunate victims of PMI and Anthony Morrison's "Advertising Profits from Home" program. We are in the midst of trying to get our case settled thru the BBB and get a FULL refund from PMI for the nearly $8000 we payed. I stated numerous reasons why we deserve a refund like how they misrepresented themselves, claimed we could make up our investment within a few months, and that they failed to tell us until after we signed up that advertising was required at an additional expense. PMI responded in a sarcastic manner with all sorts of excuses as to why we cannot receive a refund. On top of that, PMI had the audacity to claim that my report was an attack from a third party enemy company! PMI failed to help us make any money, and not until the end of my coaching sessions did our coach tell us that it was extremely difficult to make any money with their program. This of course comes way after the date necessary to get a refund! I am in the midst of making a rebuttal that will surely blow this thing wide open. If we have no success thru the BBB we will notify a major news channel in our area and notify the attorney general of utah as well as the FBI. We were poor already when whe started the program and now with a nearly maxed out credit limit we obviously cannot afford to sue, but the media and government groups should do the trick just fine.

  5. I noticed your website explaining how you were scammed by PMI. I applaud you for creating such a site to let people know about these scum bags. I have a site dedicated to helping people recovery their money from these scams. It ranks very high for tax club scam, pmi scam, ce corporate scam and other coaching companies. I've seen enough consumers upset with these guys that I'd like to really promote it getting the word out.

    I would like to purchase the domain from you if you're willing to sell it. I know it's a blog spot, but that's okay. Please let me know if you are interested.



  6. Professional Marketing International (PMI) is a scam. They are international scam artist in my opinion, in USA and Canada. No two ways about it. The real estate course price is decided by how much room you have on your credit cards. I have spoken directly to people who have paid between $4,500 -$26,000, Myself, I paid $17,000 to be part of the mentoring inner circle and Las Vegas buying summit, etc. Now I am sure people or their little robots, will post saying I didn't do the work or follow the mentor's advice. Who called me 4-6 times over a month (1 year of mentoring program) and then nothing.
    But I would start at 5 am for 2 hours, put in a my day job of 8 hours and then, eat and finish my day at 10 or 11 pm. They call for 10 hours a week commitment. Working on the lessons, 21 day planner, the mentors advice. Who by the way gets mad if you question his/her knowledge or the fact that certain things don't work here. He just said "you are not working hard enough and hung up." The last call I had.
    For the person that says PMI does not use different name is a lie. They put on seminars like Insiders Edge, Think a Little Different , EMS Coaching , My e-biz, stores online, the list goes on. They use names like Dean Graziosi, Scott McGillivary to add name recognition and punch to their sale pitches. Give great sounding and profitable business ideas to pull you in and they never tell you they are PMI reps, unless asked. They never tell you that they will be calling with extensions or add on, even after they say things like "this is all you will ever need." Now I have written and recorded verbal guarantees that don't mean a thing to this company at all. Their mentoring calls just end, 1-800 number help lines don't get answered or they tell you reached the wrong department. Even after you verify the number with a manager/director, if and when you get one on the phone.
    The best part and why you don't hear more complaints is you have to sign a "gag order" if you want any money back. That right, he even compared it to getting money back from Walmart, and further stated that if they were give you a refund of $5 -50,000 you would have to sign it.
    Does a great company really need a gag order? Would not the over abundance of success stories far out way the few failures?
    You cannot post on any forum, BBC, or go to any agency , to talk about or tell anyone what kind of service or rebate you got or you would face a min. $10,000 fine, decided by them. Obviously I have not sign it and have been fighting with them for over 9 months about the small amount they offered back. Being pass around to the next person, then the next. Even their so called lawyers cannot make decisions on behalf of the company. Even when told, they will be handling your refund from here on out.
    You can get involved with them if you like and I will wish you the best of luck. I am sure 1 out of 10 will succeed, maybe. I would NOT recommend this kind of headache or company on anyone.
    By the way, they will not have a problem double billing you, or charging your credit card out of the blue.

    Thanks for a place to vent

    Yet another victim of PMI, from Canada

  7. I have signed up for the program and after two days, I gt very anxious. I received the same call after watching the same TV infomercial.I ordered the $20 package and was forced to go through all the other offers after refusing. I finally just hung up expecting that this would be the end of it.

    But then I received the $20 package I ordered. And then a few days later I got the phone call from PMI.

    Went through what evertone else went through and that managed to convince mne to sign up $5700. Two days later, I received a phone call from Thayne Gooch. with a money back guaranty that provided I listen to and do what my coach said, and if I did not make back my initial investment, I would receive a full refund.

    My coach (Andy Louder) has called me every week, but we have never spent more than 30 minutes on these sessions and now I am being led to pay per click advertising. And I just found out it will cost me $750 to establish an LLC which was also suggested.

    I have done on line advertising before with google(note the lower case because they are no good in my eyes). I started to see some results after several months and then all of a sudden, my account was disabled because of invalid clicks.

    I suppose there are guys out there that have been successful. But never let anyone tell you you only have to commit 10 to 15 hours per week. This is not true. It takes a tremendous amount of work and time to achieve even marginal success.

    After reading this blog on PMI Education, I am sick to my stomach. I haven't told my family about this yet.

    I have no idea what to do at this point.